Monday, 13 June 2016

What will encourage a person to take a cruise ship in 2025?

What will encourage a person to take a cruise ship in 2025? Before we find a solution, we start with a earlier created persona's need:

One of the most common cruise ship passengers are middle-aged men whom bring their families for several reasons:
  • To allow the family to enjoy
  • To allow HIM to enjoy
Being a middle-aged man, Marcus likely has kids under 12. Kids under 12 require supervision, and thus have no freedom to explore the ship at their own free will. Constant supervision by adults however, is also tiring for the adult, whom will also want to relax and enjoy their holiday.

Proposed Solution:

Cruise Ship Wide Local Area Network (LAN) Entertainment System

The best way to allow for Marcus to supervise his kids while being able to relax is to do so in the cabin room. Marcus can relax and enjoy himself in the room, while his kids can be entertained using this entertainment system.

Abilities of a LAN Entertainment System includes:
  • Being able to play games on a local network with multiple people in the cruise ship (Similar to the in-flight entertainment system for airplanes)
  • Providing more cabin entertainment enhances the overall experience; A wider variety of activities to do on the ship
  • For Marcus's kids, they can also mingle with other kids on the cruise ship virtually through a kids-only game network throughout the cruise ship.
Besides that, the LAN can be used as a cruise ship wide network for communication across the cruise ship (Disembarking announcements etc), improving the overall experience for the passenger right down to the time they exit.